Fortress of Lushington
A black box theater in Marigny, New Orleans
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Plaid. Clowns. Nostalgia. 90s. With an interactive art exhibit/gallery entrance, audience participation, and a carload of low brow humor, the femme operated Sad Tire Production Co is going to honk your horn. Miss this show? Ugh, as if!

Tickets are $15 at the door!

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Grill up that boudain and bring a daiquiri, the O'Mallery's are having an intervention.

Photo by Jian Bastille

A visit with Fiddles and Oboe is an evening of sinister comedy and nihilistic dread offering equal parts amusement and horror underscored by an origial soundtrack.


The Fortress of Lushington is a fifty seat black box theater in Marigny, New Orleans. A reclaimed industrial space, its use as a theater has progressed from casual fringe theater productions in 2013 to fully realized professional productions today.

The Fortress hosts a range of shows, focusing on absurdism, clowning, physical theater, and devised works. With our small size and flexible space we're able to host shows that would be dwarfed by larger spaces. It's a pleasure presenting pieces by well known (but often more read than staged) playwrights — as well as new works by local playwrights.

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Bunny Lushington Proprietor

2215 Burgundy St
New Orleans, LA 70117